winners hannover messe challenge 2017

About us

Duration: 2016-

Awards: First Place Hannover Messe Challenge 2017

Status: First Release due within 3 months



Deeve began with providing Media services for various big projects. But the big succes came when in 2015 a PC assistant app prototype was presented to a group enterpreneurs, It was very well received and claimed the price of second best Startup 2016 the following year. Another year later, begin 2017, Deeve began creating a VR revalidation app for patients who suffered from a stroke. The app was praised for its orginality and potential and eventually beat over 200 contenders to win the Hannover Messe Challenge 2017. There was also widespread media attention for the app with several newspapers and websites posting articles about it. The app is set for It's official release in the next couple of months.

Duration: 2015-2016

Awards: Second Best Concept Startup 2016

Status: Concept, work shifted to more promising projects.